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Онлайн путеводители для активного путешественника. Фото, видео, отели, рассказы, отзывы.
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  • USA California

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    ID: 630
    Тип: Путеводители
    Серия: Michelin
    Язык: Русский
    Год издания: 2010
    Кол-во страниц: 384
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    USA California

    Gazing up at a California redwood you realize man’s insignificance in a land dominated by natures grandest brush strokes. It is no surprise that California more than any other state paints its place in America in neon with the words ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful’. San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge towers above the morning mists, Los Angeles’ vibrant sprawling mass lurks beneath its own hazy cloud: but behind it all, in the badlands of the ‘silicon state,’ waits the dramatic scorched plains of Death Valley and the steaming fields of Yosemite National Park, literally bursting under the pressure at Old Faithful.




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